If it’s Sunday, it’s brunch! And that means Tofu Scramble. I’ll be featuring one of these each Sunday. They look involved but are really quite simple. There are a variety of ways to attack this so let’s go to it.

The Pan: Get a big one because you’ll want to make a lot. Heat some olive oil (or whatever oil you like).

The Tofu: You can go a couple ways with this. I usually just drain out the water from the package and crumble it in my hands into the pan. Sometimes I cube it into tiny cubes.I’ll fry the tofu along on med-high to cook out all the water and brown it a bit.

Another way – I put the tofu in a tea towel and ring it as hard as I can to get all the excess water out.

As a rule, I’ll cook my tofu first and get that all seasoned then add other vegetables. I treat the tofu like “meat” – brown and season separately.

The Veggies: Whatever you’ve got works. I find a certain order works best for the fullest flavor. Things that take longer, I put in the pan first – onions, mushrooms, any roots or chunks like carrots or potatoes. Unless you’re shredding. If you’re shredding, I’ll move the shreds to the back of the line. I like to fry up some onions first and caramelize them, then add the tofu and cook that all up to get nice and flavored. I’ll add spices.

The vegetable mix in this photo includes mushrooms, onions, celery, carrots and tomatoes. After cooking and seasoning the onions, mushrooms and tofu, I added the celery. My seasoning was mainly sage and turmeric. Frankly, it smelled like Thanksgiving stuffing! After that was going, I added the shredded carrot and tomatoes last. Shreds and tomato really just need to be warmed. Cooking too much kinda kills them and dries them out.

And that’s pretty much it! If you make a ton you’ll have plenty for guests or enough for a few meals over the next couple days.