One of my favorite things to make is the Tofu Scramble. I mostly make it for brunch or breakfast, but it’s a great meal for any time. You can make this anything you want – the structure is simple. Drain some tofu. Extra firm is best if you’re going for a scrambled egg-like texture. I fry that up first in some olive or toasted sesame oil. I like to dry it out a little more, even after draining. I’ll season and fry this first, sometimes with onions. I treat it like a ‘meat’ – I want it to get it’s own flavor going before I add vegetables. Then I chop and add in whatever is one hand. You can truly make this a thousand ways. If you even want it to “look” look like scrambled eggs, add a pinch of turmeric. That’s yellow, baby!

I’ll do some more detailed recipe suggestions in coming posts. Do feel free to experiment. It’s incredibly forgiving. Pretty much anything goes!