You’re likely to spot a trend in my posts – simplicity. Sometimes there’s a little work involved, but often not. In this case, there’s a small amount of work, and a little time. But not a lot. This is a vegan chili recipe that is right smack on the back of any package of Boca Crumbles. When you’re at the grocery, pick that up first then just buy all the ingredients. Essentially, you just chop up the vegetables and roast them. Meanwhile you put everything else in a pot and cook, then add your roasted veggies.

It is SO delicious and satisfying!  And if you make a ton it lasts for days and gets better with each day. Easy to pack and take to work, heats up fast. It’s a complete meal so you don’t need to have anything else with it unless you want to. All your protein and vegetables are all in there. Great with some nice fresh crusty bread. Another addition to your bowl – vegan cream cheese or sour cream, or cashew cream even. Making it ‘creamy’ is extra tasty and hearty as the fat in the cream of your choice enhances the flavors even more.

Perfect on these upcoming chilly days!